Brazilian Pet Premium Thick Cut Chips, Wholegrain Cowhide 5 Lb.

$ 43.90 $ 33.90

Premium Thick Cut Chips, Large Wholegrain Rawhide (Last much longer than traditional chips). 100% Natural. The best behavioral Dog Chewing Treat Solution. No preservatives.

Brazilian Pet rawhide Chips are made of Whole Grain Rawhide. Traditional rawhides include only the inner layer. This product is made of a full grain material including the outer layer of the hide, known for it’s high resistance. This layer gives our rawhide the following properties:

  • These chews include the use of the best and toughest part of the hide, the upper layer:  Ideal for heavy chewers
  • They won’t stain your carpet, are non greasy and they don’t smell
  • Flexibility: Does not brittle and does not break into pieces. It gradually wears away as it is being chewed.
  • Low Fat, No additives, and hypoallergenic
  • Great thickness: Substantial increase in the chewable volume mass.
  • Resistance: it increases several times the chewable time and enjoyment for your pet and saves you money
  • Nutritious: It is high in chondroitin and glucosamine to promote joint functions.
  • Doesn’t smell
  • Suitable for allergic dogs
  • Low fat
  • Brilliant for heavy chewers
  • Doesn’t smell
  • Won’t stain your furniture or flooring
  • Non-greasy
  • No additives
  • No added nylon, which is often what makes dog chews really tough
  • Wheat gluten free 

    Our Company

    At Brazilian Pet, our commitment is with animals and the environment. We believe in this position as a driver of our products, technology and services. In our company we adopt practices and processes that point to this goal, industrialising and marketing products that promote the success of our customers, and employees. At the same time we seek to achieve the improvement in the quality of life for animals and the preservation of the environment with responsibility. 

    Brazilian Pet Factory Outlet provides bulk and wholesale dog treats, at discount prices.  We offer the highest quality dog chews at the best price in the pet supply market.

    Our product has been certified with an ECO FRIENDLY seal awarded by local authorities in the country of orign. This achievement reflects our commitment with the environment and the quality of our products
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